In the world but not of it

September 28, 2009

Division among the people…

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So there was a division among the people because of Him. John


You might have noticed in reading God’s Word that almost
everywhere Jesus went there were those who felt it was their duty to challenge
Him. While many believed and others were on the fence about Him, there were
those who were threatened by Him constantly.


This is something that you are likely experiencing in your
own life as you live for Christ. There seems to be division at all times around
you from people you know that you desire to reach for the Lord. You get
criticized and judged more harshly while others who see the Light in our life
wait for the opportune time to talk with us.

At a holiday event I attended, I
was approached by someone who asked me if we could talk and this person said “I
heard that you are a believer of Christ”. I must confess that at first I was
surprised. I was trying to think how he would have heard that and from whom
(isn’t that just our nature).


Following Christ is disruptive. It not only turns our lives
inside out and upside down but certainly touches those we touch as well. There
will definitely be those that are divided in our lives simply because He is our

If the spirit of God lives in and through you then your life will have an
impact on those around you. It will force people into emotions and feelings
they are unfamiliar with.

It will expose those who reject Him and encourage those who
are called to Him. We often don’t know what is going on in the hearts and minds
of others but He does.

Our responsibility is to love them and trust that God
can change anyone He brings into our path…


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