In the world but not of it

October 2, 2009

Our calling is sure…

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Now go, for I am sending you back to Egypt…Acts 7:30-34

If you ask anyone that works in the world each day they will likely associate with the phrase “back to the grind”…

This phrase is often in reference to the tedious and menial tasks that many people perform in their jobs each day. Statistics in the last decade suggest that over 80% of people are not satisfied with their current jobs or current careers.

In fact, try asking someone “what else would you like to do?” and it is likely that they will present you with a list of other, more interesting possibilities. Very few people would answer that question by saying “Nothing, I love what I do and know this is where I belong”…

Let’s be honest, even Christians look at their work each day as going “back to the grind” and the closer we draw to God the more difficult it becomes to work in the world, which is synonymous with the term “Egypt” in the Bible.

We can become weary and disenchanted with the daily grind and the pressure to perform. We start asking ourselves whether we should be out in the mission field or full time at our church. We often make the mistake of associating the Christian life and its success with what we believe are “Christian” activities.

Yet in the Bible there are several men who never served as strictly pastors, deacons or elders and there are women who never strictly served in a “church” setting.

There are many who never worked only in the mission field but rather had a significant impact for the Lord through their vocations. Look at Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer. Look at David, a shepherd, a military man and later a CEO (king), and look at Moses…

The Lord removed Moses from Egypt for forty years to reshape him inside and out. All along while Moses believed that it was all behind him but the Lord was simply preparing to send him back for a special work that required the proper preparation.

Missionary work is wherever the Lord has placed us. There are people that others may never reach that only we, in our jobs in the world, will meet. Don’t allow the enemy to get you to believe the lie that your impact for the kingdom can only be done in a “Christian” setting.

Today, let’s go out and stand with the Christ-confidence we’ve been given and know that this is our mission field, our calling and for right now His will for our lives…


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