In the world but not of it

October 16, 2009

A no decision…

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I hate those with divided loyalties, but I love your
instructions. Psalms 119:113

Some decisions are very hard to make and taking that initial
step once you have decided can be stressful as well.

We are equally as impacted when others make decisions that
can affect us. So much of the daily stress we face is often a result of
indecision or decisions made in a haphazard manner. Many people find the
decision making process difficult.

I liken it to the way my kids would take a vitamin or medication
in tablet form when they were younger. They knew they needed to do it. They put
the pill in their mouth. They took a sip of water. But then they looked like
one of those “bobble-head” dolls trying to swallow it.

They just couldn’t quite get the pill down without a display
of drama. As a parent I would stand there coaching them on and getting

We pray about certain things. We cry out for days, weeks,
months and then God finally provides an answer and direction and then we say “I
still need to pray about”. I can see God coaching us to act but we are there
bobbling back and forth with indecision.

Why are some decisions more difficult to make than others?
There are several reasons and some are legitimate. There are clearly times when
we do need to weigh all the facts, review all the information, and wait on the
Lord. But once we have enough info to act on we need to act.

I love the story in Exodus where God parted the Red Sea. It
is a classic story. There is a hidden gem in that story that I missed for
years. You know the story but in Exodus 14:15 after Moses has told the children
of Israel that God will deliver them, God then says to Moses ““Why are you
crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!

In other words, I’ve told you what to do, make a decision
and get moving. I love that! Moses did not need to “pray about it” – God had
made it clear and expected an action.

If you have decisions to make that you are still “praying
about” then perform an honest examination of where you are and what you know to
date and ensure that you still need to wait…


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