In the world but not of it

October 19, 2009

Speaking the language…

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And we all hear these people speaking in our own languages
about the wonderful things God has done!” Acts 2:11

Life has many languages and many of them are not just the
types of languages we associate with people from different countries. There are
many other types also. Business has a language. Try speaking with someone from
the field of medicine or from the technology industry and you quickly discover
that they are using terms and acronyms that are completely foreign to you.

When is the last time you visited Starbucks? Last year I was
in a Starbucks and saw that they were giving away these small booklets on how
to properly order your coffee. In other words, it was a complete book on the
language of Starbucks.

There is another language. It is the language of Christ in
the life of a believer, especially one in the world amongst unbelievers. This
is a spoken language and a body language.

This language is communicated when a person won’t
participate in worldly activities that everyone else associates with just being
part of the job. You also “hear” it in their voice. They don’t use profanity or
expletives to express their emotions or feelings.

They typically won’t use phrases that blaspheme their Father
in heaven. They are careful to find words that express the same emotion or
feeling in a way that stands out to those listening. People notice that their
actions and words are different and that they are not part of the common

Being popular is not always right just as being right is not
always popular. These people are willing to stand-alone for the cause of Christ
in and through their lives.

This is not easy and there are consequences associated with
a life that chooses this language to be expressed to its fullest.

Today when you go to that meeting or have lunch with your
colleagues listen intently to them and to yourself.

Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to the things you say and do which
might be construed as “speaking their language”.


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