In the world but not of it

October 20, 2009

Opportunity to act…

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Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd. Acts 3:12

Maybe it is the calendar on your desk with Scripture on it.
Perhaps it is the books you read that others notice when they are with you.

Whatever it is, the Lord has strategically placed us where
we are to be available for Him to reach those around us.

This requires us to be alert and attentive to the
opportunities that come our way to share with others.

Like Peter in this passage in Acts we need to see these
opportunities and respond to them. It does not always mean pushing Jesus down
someone’s throat. Sometimes it is a subtle conversation that leads to the real
reason why. Other times you know for sure God wants you to just tell the person
about Him.

The most important aspect of this short statement in Acts
3:12 is that Peter “saw it”. In other words, he was always ready, sensitive to
the leading of the Holy Spirit, prepared to witness and be a witness. It is
this type of attitude we need to embrace in our busy lives. We need a constant
awareness and reminder of “why” we are there and for “whom”.

I find that I need to ask God continuously to keep me fresh
and alert in the battle. To be aware of my spiritual surroundings and to then
have the courage to actually speak when the opportunity arises.

Look for it today…there is at least one opportunity waiting.


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