In the world but not of it

October 23, 2009

Careful not to compromise…

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“We must obey God rather than any human authority. Acts 5:29

Who are you afraid of? Whom do you serve? Is there someone
you are constantly trying to impress and gain his or her approval?

How much time and effort do we spend trying to get others to
appreciate us and notice our efforts? We run the risk of compromising our faith
and our witness of Christ all for the sake of a person’s approval.

Trying to impress others is exhausting. It can alter your
attitude and cause to completely focus on things that are not related to the
Lord. If we ourselves are never satisfied then how is it that we can expect to
completely satisfy others.

We need to be reminded that we serve the Lord and His
approval is what we need to covet most.

Peter and the apostles stood firm. When it came to being
forced to compromise what they stood for they pushed back. They weren’t rude
about it, just bold and firm on their point. They cared about the Lord more
than the consequences of compromising.

They were not taking a risk because when you serve the Lord
and stand for Him there is no risk regardless of the perceived outcome.

In trying to impress others we will surely compromise our
lives in small yet significant areas. Before long we will find ourselves not
really standing for anything because we want to be neutral and this is where
the enemy can really get a grip in our lives.

Those who are on their knees won’t be tripped up by Satan.


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