In the world but not of it

October 24, 2009

The enemy never sleeps…

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But one day some men…Acts 6:8-15

Have you heard the phrase “I have a pit in my stomach”?

Some will know exactly what that means but in case you don’t
it typically refers to that uneasy feeling you have inside you that you cannot
explain. It is a bit like anxiety or stress. It can affect your appetite, cause
mood swings and throw you off completely.

There are times when we are riding high. We all have times
when we are at our best and let’s be honest, we really enjoy that “feeling” of
accomplishment and success.

But just as we are experiencing this emotion along comes the
enemy to discourage and disrupt us. Do you find that he is always there, ready
to suggest a thought into your mind, bring someone along your path or any other
subtle incident that is designed to quickly set you back to what the world
calls “reality”?

For some reality is a state of semi-anxiety or
semi-depression. In other words, it is good to be somewhat carefree and
optimistic but those that live in reality also know that they need to have a
level of concern and awareness that everything is not always right. This is not
what God intended for us.

In this passage about Stephen when he is arrested we see
this subtle phrase “but one day some men”.  As Stephen was living his life the enemy was seeking to
disrupt it and “one day” he encountered this trial.

We don’t need to constantly walk on eggshells around
everyone or even everything in our own lives. We can be aware without losing
joy, we can be cautious without being confused.

When the Psalmist wrote Psalms 46:10, be still and know that I am the
Lord, he spoke of continuing to be still throughout all life’s circumstances
and events and have a heart of trust that God is in it all. Yes, the enemy will
show up constantly to disrupt this joy but “he who is in us is greater than he
who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).


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