In the world but not of it

October 26, 2009

Life is not a gamble…

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We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they
fall. Proverbs 16:33

Taking the path of least resistance is a common practice.

When we are faced with a key decision and have no clue which
way to turn we will often just choose one path over another with nothing more
to go on than our own rationalization.

Some people like to say they’ve taken a calculated risk in
making a decision or that they followed their “gut feel” but with the Lord
there are no accidents and there is certainly no luck involved.

Accidents and luck are cleverly invented beliefs to get
people to do anything but attribute glory to God. In fact, although there are
several verses in the Bible that speak of how the Lord leads our lives, this
one in Proverbs 16 is very specific in that we find God using a common metaphor
or rolling dice to communicate that even in doing that we can have the
assurance He is in control and we don’t need to spend time and energy guessing
or gambling.

One important point is that God’s complete knowledge of our
life and its ultimate outcome does not absolve us from the responsibility to
live it and to live it to our best and fullest.

Being the best husband or wife, father or mother, employee
or manager is not “throwing the dice” but rather doing everything I can do and
trusting God for the result.

God does not gamble…


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