In the world but not of it

October 28, 2009

Wherever He leads us…

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As for Philip, an angel of the Lord said to him…Acts 8:26a

We tend to focus on what is happening today or in the near
future. If the Lord has us in a place today that is blessed it can become quite
easy to become comfortable and settled in.

Perhaps it is a role of responsibility and leadership where
God is using someone greatly. We get used to seeing people in certain roles. It
surprises us when those in important roles move on, leave the company, get
traded to a new team or called to a new ministry.

But there is an underlying principle and truth we need to
understand and, perhaps for those that are truly ambitious, really accept. It
is God who will advance us (Pr. 22:29) and put us in the places He believes we
are most effective for His kingdom.

Living out the life God wants us to live leads to many
opportunities and roads that otherwise we would have surely missed. While we
must be diligent where God has us, we should also be flexible, realizing that
one day God may call us elsewhere and as His servants our responsibility is to
go where He calls us.

Philip was in the midst of a thriving ministry when God
called him to something completely different and seemingly less glamorous. Maybe
Philip struggled with obeying the Lord and grumbled a bit. We don’t know and we
shouldn’t read into it but what would you have done?

If today you are in a thriving place and the Lord impresses
upon you to take that new job or go to a new ministry, will you do it?

Philip’s obedience led to bringing the gospel to Ethiopia.
It also says that he preached the word in every town on his way back to
Caesarea.  Philip experienced more
than he bargained for and in the end I am sure He saw the wisdom of God in such
a magnificent way.

Our value and calling in life is not predicated on our
current position or our desire for more. It rests in His hands completely.


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