In the world but not of it

November 2, 2009

Master behind the morals…

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Then God said…Genesis 1:3

There are lots of people we know that from the world’s perspective
are categorized as good people. They are seemingly honest, display integrity in
their lives and dealings with others and are courteous and kind to those they
interact with.

Overall, I would say there are many people I know that have
good morals and in turn I think many Christians accept other’s good morals as
good enough. What I mean is that we tend to not make the effort with people in
terms of sharing our faith if those people typically display good morals and
ethics. We agree with their statements, support their views but never really
take it beyond that.

Satan is not against good morals. He is against Jesus
Christ. Having good morals without knowing who taught them originally leads to
subjective thinking. To tell someone not to steal but to not tell them that
“God said” not to steal is to allow people to arrive at their own conclusions
about the authority behind that moral.

We need to pray and ask the Lord for wisdom, discernment and
timing in how we respond and initiate the conversation with those that need to
know the Master behind the morals.

Ask anyone today why they don’t steal or cheat and you will
get a barrage of different answers but it is unlikely anyone will say, “Because
God said not to”.


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