In the world but not of it

November 3, 2009

Joy or jealousy

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But when some of the Jews saw the crowds, they were jealous;
so they slandered Paul and argued against whatever he said. Acts 13:45

This passage cuts deep. We have all engaged in similar
behavior in our lives.

The reason this passage cuts deep is because sometimes it’s
hard to swallow when others are being praised and honored and you feel it
should be you. It exposes our pride and our desire to be noticed.

We are tempted to drop hints or make comments under our
breath that are meant to communicate we have some secret insight into what they
really did to receive that praise and honor. It only makes us look bad, or I
should say worse.

As we see from this passage, jealousy has a natural
progression that leads to slander and arguing. It causes people to become
irrational in their behavior and thinking. It tears down the witness we are
trying to have. You see, the issue is that if I am jealous of another’s success
then I am not content with where I am. My times of jealousy are typically good
indicators that I have forgotten whom I serve and where I should be focused.

Jealousy has many faces; discontentment, fear, insecurity,
anger, suspicion, uneasiness, cynicism and the list goes on.

I am convinced that almost every anxiety and stress we carry
directly relates back to our unwillingness to rest and trust Him. We need to be
that honest and stop rationalizing why we think we should have earned this or
done that. Guess what? It’s not about us.

Look at the trends and patterns of your attitude and
behavior. Listen to the thoughts you seem to have most. Remember what David
wrote in Psalms 139…”search me and know my anxieties, see if there is anything
in my that offends you and remove it”. It is that type of honesty that drives
change and sets us back on course.


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