In the world but not of it

November 4, 2009

Everything I do…

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You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know
everything I do. Psalms 139:3

Most of us love to travel. From an early age I loved looking
at maps and noting where all the countries were and the Lord knows I’ve had my
share of travel.

It is a privilege to see other places whether across the
state, across the country or around the globe. Wherever the Lord has taken you
I am certain you have fond memories.

If you travel for work then the experience is quite
different. It can get tedious and lonely. You are away from your family and
those that know you. You are often a foreigner in a new city where you can
indulge in everything it has to offer and no one will know what you are up to.
Not so!

Look at this verse again. He knows “everything” I do.

This should comfort us and bring us strength and
encouragement. Idle time is the devil’s handiwork. When are you most tempted to
do something stupid? When you have that downtime. Let’s not be fooled into
thinking we can keep secrets or we can handle these dangers that come our way.
He knows what we watch and listen to. He sees our actions and motives long
before we have even thought them. There are no surprises with the Lord.

Usually when you travel to a distant place a travel agent
will provide you with a document that has travel tips. These include disease
and illness alerts, foods to avoid, places to see, how to get around and handle
the currency and lots more.

It is not a bad idea to have our own set of travel tips for
where we go. The difference is that ours need to be spiritually and practically
minded; i.e. verses to read that will strengthen us, things to avoid and
pictures of our loved ones to remind us of our responsibility.

I once read about one of Billy Graham’s team members who was
on the road constantly. This person always carried a photo of his family in a
frame that he would put on his bedside table in the hotel room. It was the
first thing he saw each day when he came in and out of the room and the last
thing he saw before going to sleep. This is practical wisdom.

If your job takes you away often then be prepared, stay
alert and stay close to Him. The enemy can’t trip you when you’re on your


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