In the world but not of it

November 6, 2009

Possessed by possessions…

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You are all I really want in life. Psalm 142:5

Even though some of us downplay it, we are all fascinated by
people with lots of money. We all enjoy meeting wealthy and successful people.
We like window-shopping at the finest stores even if we can’t afford anything
in the store.

Would you admit that when you happen to have some extra
money the first thought is typically where to spend it rather than to leave it
in savings or to tithe with it or give it to some charity? If not, then you are
light years ahead of many…

Let’s face it, we love to indulge and at times it is
completely appropriate. But even though we say that money doesn’t buy happiness
do we say it because we know it to be completely true or rather it is something
we say to appease ourselves and feel better about not having more of it?

God has many ways in which He teaches us just where our
trust is and needs to be. God also seems to have a sense of humor in teaching
us the realities of life.

Years ago I was invited to a dinner at the home of a very
wealthy person. This person’s home was situated on over 5,000 acres of land.
His property had a castle smack in the middle built on the 14th
century. His collection of expensive toys was worth enough to fund the GDP of
most small countries.

In every way both he and his possessions were impressive to
any onlooker. At this dinner that evening we were seated in the library of the
castle. All the guests were well dressed and we had butlers waiting on us. I
can assure you that the butlers looked more at home than I did.

I lost count of the courses we were served but one of them
was a melon, cut in half with the fruit scooped out and made into a bowl and
then filled with a variety of fruit.

As I began to dig in with my spoon I looked down into my
melon bowl only to see a very large and slimy slug at the bottom. I calmly
stopped eating, covered it up with the fruit and went on with the evening
having said nothing.

That evening I remember vividly thinking that sin is
everywhere in this world. Nothing is as it appears and there is always another,
hidden side. Even this place full of wealth and majesty had slugs in it.

That one incident has always remained with me and God has
used it to give me the proper perspective on riches and “stuff”. I believe we
need times like that to help us remember that He really is all we need and must
want in life. Nothing else can even compare.


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