In the world but not of it

November 10, 2009

Flexible schedule…

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So Paul stayed there for the next year and a half, teaching
the word of God. Acts 18:11

One of the themes throughout the books of Acts is the
flexibility of the disciples in going wherever they were called.

Paul, for example, spent time in several cities, left and
returned to some, but always maintained an attitude of awareness to the
Spirit’s leading. On some occasions he was prevented from going where he
thought he should go and submitted to where God wanted him to end up.

To have this awareness in our Christian walk is so
important. Knowing and living our lives with an attitude of flexibility and
submission to God’s leading is something that will bring great joy and benefit.

We should be conscience of the fact that our schedules
really belong to Him. The willingness to yield our desires and timetables to
the Lord will always maximize the productivity we experience in the place where
He has us.

Being sensitive to His leading does not mean being passive.
It means that in all our planning we maintain an attitude and awareness that He
can change our schedule at anytime. He may call us to another job sooner than we
ever expected. He may call us to go minister to someone just before we were
planning to leave for an important event. He may ask us to stay somewhere beyond
what we really would have liked.

We live in a world full of organizers, planners and
calendars, all designed to help improve our lives yet they have made us
inflexible. Our calendar belongs to Him.

How do I pray for God’s timing in my life when my schedule can’t allow
for it…


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