In the world but not of it

November 11, 2009

Trust factor…

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Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no
help for you there. Psalms 146:3

Trust and confidence have several sides to them or perhaps
the better way to say it is that they have different levels. Even though we
probably don’t think of it in this way many of us use a trust scale or a trust
factor that we mentally apply to different people and situations in our lives.

For example I would say that on a scale of 1-10, my trust
and confidence in my wife is a 9 (I’ll explain in a minute) but my trust and
confidence in my boss might be a 5. The reason for the difference is directly
correlated to the relationship I have with each person.

There is another side however. Even though I may apply a
scale or factor to people there is another part of me that “wants” to place my
trust and confidence in others, especially those that have influence over my
life to some degree, i.e. my boss. This can really skew my perspective since
this is typically where my emotions come into play rather than relying on the
things I know to be true.

When God says not to put our confidence in powerful people
He is not saying to show contempt for them but rather to realize that despite
people’s best efforts and intentions they, like us, are flawed and simply can’t
deliver on all their promises. You already know this to be true in your life.

Now back to why my wife ranks as a 9 and not a 10 on this
trust and confidence scale. Because God makes it clear that only He can be
fully trusted. While I would never expect to have my trust and confidence
diminished in my spouse I recognize that only God is completely trustworthy.

I can have complete peace when I place my trust in Him. I
can commit my job and all its stresses to Him and have complete and utter
confidence that He will take care of me even when it seems things are a bit
rough. As the Psalmist said “there is no help for us there”. People, no matter
how successful or powerful have all the limitations and capacity to mess things
up as we do. Their role in life and the size of their bank account may be the
only difference.

I need to put my trust and confidence in the only One who is
capable of delivering every time.


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