In the world but not of it

November 14, 2009

Tasty treats…

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Rumors are dainty morsels that sink deep into one’s heart.
Proverbs 18:8

The NKJV translates “dainty morsels” as “tasty trifles”.

The idea is that we love to swallow such things. Rumors are
tasty and intriguing unless they are about us. Then they can be painful. The
problem is that we enjoy listening to all these “dainty morsels” about people.

We then want to know more because it somehow makes us feel
more important when we know the stories and secrets of others.

People in business often mask rumors and gossip as a “need
to know”. They excuse their actions by convincing themselves, and others, that
the information is necessary to be shared for the good of the company and
employees. Sadly, this same approach is found in many churches as well. Under
the guise of “we need to pray for this person”, we gossip and expose them. Even
worse, we share things that we want to be true or think might be true to
emphasize our point. Where does it end?

One of the very dangers for us when we engage in this type
of conversation is that we just might agree with one thing that will get back
to the person and then be completely misconstrued.

When people gossip and spread rumors they are looking for
others to agree with them. As much as I feel I have the right to know
everyone’s business at times, the truth is I don’t. I know that if something is
that important then it will surface and I don’t always have to go looking for

Rumors always produce the wrong result. By definition they
are the telling of information that may have no factual basis or may be missing
the most important facts. Consider the conversations you’ve had this past month
with people. Think about something they shared (or maybe you shared) that could
be classified as a rumor or gossip. Think about whether you really have all the
facts about that one tidbit.

If you don’t then it is subjective. Perhaps we have gotten
away from edifying conversations in our lives.

We are all in the construction business. The question is
whether we are better at tearing down or building up.


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