In the world but not of it

November 17, 2009

Reporting structure…

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For the Scriptures say, ‘You must not speak evil of any of
your rulers.’ Acts 23:5

When asked who we work for our typical response is the name
of our company or even our manager. We don’t often hear people answering that
question by saying they work for the Lord.

Yet as believers who work in the world that is precisely who
we work for. Our calling in life, wherever it may be, is our mission field and
the Lord is the one we ultimately answer to.

In the book of Ephesians you will notice that Paul uses the
phrase “in Christ” several times to make the point of our identity and where we
really are positioned.

Our tough bosses are not the enemy. They are a moving target
for Satan but also the person God has placed in our path for a divine purpose. Our
awareness that we serve the Lord in our workplace should result in a work ethic
that is exemplary.

In our passage, Paul, when he realized he had spoken to the
high priest in that manner, was quick to apologize and use it as an opportunity
to share a Godly principle. He was not ashamed of the gospel nor was he so
proud that he stuck to his criticism.

Let’s face it; most of us would say he was right in
responding that way but his actions are profoundly telling in how he viewed
both others and his position in Christ.

Consider those you report to today. They need us to support them, love
on them and be an encouragement. They get enough pushback from the world; they
don’t need it from us.


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