In the world but not of it

November 19, 2009

Protection and Provision…

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That night the Lord appeared to Paul and said, “Be
encouraged, Paul. Acts 23:11-22

Have you ever considered just how many things are going on
around you at any given time without your knowledge or awareness? How many
times has the Lord protected us from harm or danger?

How often have we acted so cool and coordinated only to
discover what could have occurred in a particular situation? I love this story
in Acts about Paul for two distinct lessons and insights it gives us.

First, it speaks volumes about the protection God provides
to us when we are close to Him. I can have the assurance that He is always
looking out for my best interest. There are times in our lives when others
might not have the best intentions towards us but then we gain a glimpse of how
the Lord put specific people in our path to help protect us or how He
intervened in the last minute to do something completely unexpected. This is a
humbling experience because you immediately realize how vulnerable you really

He is precise in His actions. He knows what is coming down
the road and has already accounted for it. I don’t have to fret or be anxious
because even before I am aware of any plot or danger against me, He is on the
case and all the necessary steps have been put into motion. I can trust fully
that whatever reaches me, whether seemingly good or bad, was allowed by His
wisdom and grace.

Second, we see the response of the Roman commander.

Upon being informed of the plot against Paul he coordinated
backup and provided for Paul’s protection.

He shielded Paul from the impending harm coming his way. God
loves to do the supernatural in a natural way.

He uses the resources and means around us to protect and
provide for us. He motivates even those who don’t know Him to perform actions
that protect and provide for His children.

What are you stressed about today? It is likely that
whatever is bothering you there are probably a number of other situations going
on around you that may involve you which you don’t know about. We don’t need to
live in paranoia. Ultimately it comes down to just how much we really trust

Determine today to know this truth; nothing can touch you without His
express permission. If something is “touching” you today and rubbing you the
wrong way then take it to Him now and ask for the grace to get through and the
wisdom to see what He would want to teach you.


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