In the world but not of it

November 21, 2009

Nobody listens to me…

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But the officer in charge of the prisoners listened more to
the ship’s captain and the owner than to Paul. Acts 27:11

I haven’t been on any ships destined for sinking like Paul
was but I’ve been in other “sinking” scenarios where the person who should have
been listened to was ignored or neglected.

How do we respond when our input is ignored? How do we
respond when the results are exactly what we tried to tell others they would
be? Do we say, “I told you so” and then hang it over their heads?

That is the underlying message in Paul’s story here in this
portion of Acts. It is not so much that he was ignored. I too must admit that
believing the captain of the ship over a prisoner is probably the action I
would have taken. Let’s be truthful we tend to listen and believe those in
positions of power and authority over those that are lower on the totem pole.

Paul took it on the chin. He wasn’t sensitive and his
feelings were not hurt. He flowed with the punches, dealt with the situation
and did not retreat into some corner and pout. We have this tendency too when
others don’t listen to us. We give up, get proud and pout over it.

Not Paul! He continued to provide input and when things got
really rough (literally) he used it as an opportunity to share his faith.
Eventually they all listened and their lives were spared.

Paul could respond this way because his focus was on God’s
glory and not his own.

Your situation may not necessarily be headed for a shipwreck
but you can always plan on encountering rough seas. We need to pray that the
Lord will use us to be an anchor for those around us who tremble when these
rough seas come. These are the times to reach others.

Remember, Jesus was asleep during the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Not
because He couldn’t be bothered but because He wasn’t bothered by the
anticipated storms of life. He expected them, He promised us they would come
and He provided us the power to face them.


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