In the world but not of it

November 24, 2009

Look up…

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When I consider Your heavens…Psalms 8:3

As kids we used to lie down on our front lawn during the
summer and try to make out the shapes that the star in the sky formed. We would
first try and find the little dipper and the big dipper and then attempt to see
the more complicated ones.

It is difficult not to worship God when you spend time
looking up begin considering God’s greatness and the beauty of what He has

George Washington Carver had this experience. He was
interested in studying the heavens but realized just how awesome God’s creation
was and humbly asked the Lord for the wisdom to study something simpler. God
answered his prayer by turning his attention to another great creation, the

Carver went on to develop hundreds of different products
using the peanut and at the same time God used the ingenuity He had given
Carver to also save the economy of the south that had suffered when the cotton
industry dried up. Carver’s willingness to worship and find rest in His God had
an impact no one could have imagined.

That is what we can expect. Not necessarily that the Lord
will do something like He did in Carver’s life but rather that He will bless
our lives more deeply as we too take the time to look up and worship. Some
people use the saying “to stop and smell the roses” and the idea is the same,
to stop and step away from the stresses and anxieties of our present life and
worship the God who oversees all of it.


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