In the world but not of it

November 26, 2009

Career ambition…

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Let me say first that I thank my God through Jesus Christ
for all of you, because your faith in
him is being talked about all over the world
. Romans 1:8

This is a key insight that Paul gives us in the beginning of
Romans. Our faith in Him is being talked about all over the world.

Ask someone what their career goals are and you can expect a
variety of answers but typically people will tell you that their goals are
centered on advancement, income, getting to retirement, etc.

There is nothing wrong with these answers but the challenge
to us as Christians is slightly different. Our place of work is our mission
field. It is the place the Lord has put us in for His purposes first and not
our own.

This is radical thinking for some. I don’t believe the Lord
is against us experiencing success, better incomes or advancement in our jobs
but I do believe that our primary purpose is to be a witness and a minister of
the gospel first.

God could have placed us in any vocation. Just as He is
sovereign in every other detail of life and creation, His sovereignty extends
to the skills and talents He has given us to perform a certain type of job all
for the purpose of being a vessel through which He can reach specific people
that He knew could never have been touched in the same way as they might be
through our lives.

He has strategically placed us all over the city, all over
the state and all over the world. Nehemiah wasn’t a pastor, he was the king’s
cupbearer and trusted right hand.

Career ambition and goals all have a place but our desire needs
to be fully centered on Christ and that may mean my life may take a different
path than what my goals were and possibly a completely different vocation.


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