In the world but not of it

November 28, 2009

Looking past the wrongs…

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Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by
overlooking wrongs. Proverbs 19:11

I’m not entirely sure why certain lessons in life are harder
to learn than others. I believe that much of the reason for this may have to do
with our own pride and the unwillingness to see the reason or the cause.

We have all experienced situations where others have wronged
us. We live in a fallen world and people want to survive and get ahead. This
natural instinct brings with it several attitudes that we are often on the
receiving end of and, if we’re honest, at times we can share in the same

But why is it sensible to control our temper and overlook
the wrongs against us? One very important reason is because usually those
wrongs are born out of insecurities in the lives of the people committing them.

Our insecurities manifest themselves in different ways and
can often be misinterpreted by those that are affected by them.

At times it can be lashing out at others, being defensive, talking
or gossiping about others and lying about all sorts of things that usually
impact someone else in a negative way. How are these insecurities you might

Consider why we do it. Isn’t because we want to deflect the
light off of ourselves and onto another? Isn’t because we want to be viewed
better than others?

If we stop to consider the reasons why a person may react or
respond to another this way we may realize that this person is hurting and that
their insecurity really weighs heavily on them.

We need to be willing to pray for them instead of preying on
them just because we may now be hurt.

Praying for them allows the Lord to work in my heart and
respond to them in a way that often causes their attitudes to change.

We need to be less sensitive to how others treat us and more
interested in how to reach them…


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