In the world but not of it

December 1, 2009

He knows the outcome…

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O LORD, how long will you forget me? Psalms 13:1

One of the things I love most about the Bible is that I can
read the stories of the people and I already know the outcome. As I’m reading
their story and see their time of distress, i.e. Moses’ relationship with the
children of Israel, Abraham’s struggle to wait for the promised son, Joseph in
prison, David running away from Saul and much more…I am encouraged because I
know what’s coming on the next page, in the next chapter. I’ve read the stories
often and I don’t get anxious about their situation because I know how their
story ends.

This is quite an advantage to have in life isn’t it? To know
the outcome of a situation would dramatically change our perspective, our
attitude and it would actually result in a life changing impact on how we live
our lives going forward.

Years ago I was traveling over the same weekend as the Super
Bowl and my favorite football team was in it that year. I was disappointed that
I would miss the entire game. When I finally got settled in my hotel at nearly
12:30am I called home and my wife told me that we had won! I was excited but
really wanted to have been there to see it. When we got off the phone, I put
the TV on to check the weather for the next couple of days and the first
station I went to was broadcasting a replay of the game from and it had just

I stayed up until almost 4:00am watching every play and
reacting to the emotional drama of the game with one distinct difference, I
knew the outcome. During the tense moments of the game when we fumbled, fell
behind in the score and watched the time slip away; I knew the outcome. At the
very temptation of getting stressed, I quickly reset my thinking and remembered
that in the end, no matter how bad it looks now, we win.

God knows the outcome. He knows what you are agonizing over,
how often you pray about that very topic. He sees your every motive and action
and He knows the opportune time to act. It does get a bit tense at times and we
feel that the time for Him to answer is slipping away but He manages the play
clock better than any NFL team and He knows precisely when to move in and make
the changes, shift the players and set the course in another direction.

He knows the outcome…


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