In the world but not of it

December 5, 2009

The devil’s yard sale…

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He reached down from heaven and rescued me; he drew me out
of deep waters. Psalms 18:16

Why do we doubt God’s willingness to help us at times?

Do you remember the story about Satan having a yard sale?
Many showed up to see just what the devil was getting rid of that day. One
fallen angel found two items of interest that the devil had apparently left out
on a table.

When he inquired about purchasing them, the devil, realizing
they were left out by accident, quickly grabbed them and said “I would never
sell these for they are two of the most precious things I own”…”what exactly
are they”, the fallen angel asked. Satan answered “they are discouragement and
doubt, two of the most useful tools I have against people to keep their eyes
off of the truth and blind them to God’s goodness, and I can assure you they
really do work”.

We often get discouraged because we are not seeing God
answer as quickly as we want Him to. As time passes with no answer this
discouragement can turn to doubt.

I know God is who He says He is. I know He can do all things
but sometimes I doubt whether He will do anything for me in the situations I
seek answers from Him on. Doubt is being unsure about something happening while
unbelief is when you have completely accepted the fact that it won’t happen.

Perhaps the lines between the two can become blurred.

Discouragement and doubt shut us down spiritually. It can
have the same effect as being underwater. Have you ever tried talking
underwater or listening to people talk when you are underwater and they are
above it? We used to do this as kids as a game and tried figuring out what
everyone was saying. It’s ironic that discouragement and doubt are a bit like
this…being underwater or drowning slowly and not being able to make out what
the Lord might be saying. We hear glimpses of His voice but can’t piece
together the words.

There is one solution. Get on your knees or bow your heart
in prayer right now. Ask the Lord to forgive you for this attitude of anxiety
and doubt and strengthen you to move on in faith and trust.

When has He ever failed you?


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