In the world but not of it

December 7, 2009

Proper diet…

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I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my
necessary food. Job 23:12

Years ago I knew someone who was a professional bodybuilder.
This person had a disciplined lifestyle filled with training at the gym, taking
specific supplements for nutrition and eating a healthy diet.

Over the time I spent with him I learned a few things about
the sport itself but also some of the key objectives that make one successful
as a bodybuilder. The first thing that really surprised me at the time was to
hear that even with all the “working out” each day, diet still represented 80%
of the results and the actual “lifting weights” part was only the other 20%.

This is not what I expected to hear. I ignorantly believed
that the more time in the gym I spent the better and bigger I would look
regardless of what I ate. This person told me that the reason many bodybuilders
have somewhat flabby muscles a few years after they retire from the sport has
nothing to do with age and the amount of visits to the gym but rather with
their diet since once they retire the diets change and they eat like the rest
of us. Isn’t the Egg McMuffin the breakfast of champions?

Living the Christian life is a bit like this. God’s Word is our
necessary food. We can “work out” all we want at going to church, reading our
Bible and solid Christian books, listening to worship music and Bible teachers
but what we actually take in, swallow and digest will determine the outcome.

I asked this bodybuilder one day why is it that even with
proper diet and training some stop growing and hit this thing bodybuilder’s
call a “plateau”? His answer was profound…”when you hit a plateau that is your
alarm to change your routine, build more intensity and push beyond that limit.
It is a sign that your body is comfortable and content and that should serve as
a warning to get moving”.

Interesting comment isn’t it? We always run the risk of
getting to cozy in our spiritually and that is the warning sign that we must go


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