In the world but not of it

December 11, 2009

Failing to stumble…

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For the king trusts in the LORD. The unfailing love of the
Most High will keep him from stumbling. Psalms 21:7

If you speak to anyone who is a leader or in a position of
authority who is honest enough to tell you the truth about their personal fears
and concerns then most likely failure is at the top of the list if not a close

The fear of failure can be paralyzing. We get anxious over
the thought of not succeeding or performing well in our job, relationships, ministries
or any endeavor that is important in our lives. We don’t get too stressed about
failing at our hobbies or pastimes since they don’t seem to carry the same
level of consequences, in our own perception, if we fail.

But when we turn this towards those things that impact our
income, our vocation, our happiness then it is a different story.

Notice that in this verse there is a certain order…the king
trusts in the Lord and the Lord keeps him from stumbling. This does not mean
that at times we won’t experience failure, but rather even during those times
the Lord will protect me from completely falling away or apart.

Those who don’t fail, never succeed either. His love towards
us does not waver or end. It is not fickle and emotional. It is stable and
true. It keeps us from stumbling. This is so encouraging since at times we need
to step out in faith and don’t know the outcome but we know that we will not
stumble if we remain close to Him.


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