In the world but not of it

December 14, 2009

Pain or prosperity…

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“This is what God says: Why do you disobey the LORD’s
commands and keep yourselves from prospering? 2 Chronicles 24:20

This portion of scripture comes from a story of a man (or a
boy) that became king at a young age and overtime walked away from God through
a series of compromises once the major spiritual influence in his life left the

That spiritual mentor, Jehoiada, was a solid example for
this young king but his absence revealed that this king had no walk of his own.
He was totally exposed and when the pressure became too much for him to handle,
he caved.

Did you know that the Bible actually says that backsliders
get what they deserve (Proverbs 14:14)?

When I first read this verse it caught me by surprise. I
wasn’t expecting to see such an obvious statement. One can read this verse and
perhaps misread how it’s meant.

It is not God saying “too bad if you can’t do what I’m
asking”. It is God simply stating that if you choose to disobey and ignore the
Lord’s commands and direction then the only result possible is to experience
the result of that behavior, which is typically what we refer to as backsliding
or going in the opposite direction from God.

We keep ourselves from prospering in much the same way.
There are habits and patterns in our lives that simply won’t glorify God. We
entertain things we shouldn’t watch and listen to. We maintain relationships
with people who are negative influences on our lives thinking that they will
actually change them instead.

It seems that many are content with being content. They
don’t desire the greater blessings of God. They don’t want to go deeper. There
is an inherent fear in us, which is completely unjustified and is used by the
enemy as a tool against us that is we go deeper with God we are giving up so
much. What are we really giving up? Stress, anxiety, discouragement…

God gets blamed for the results of our bad behavior all too
often. He waits patiently to bless those that honor Him.

Reputation is what others think of us. Character is what we
are when no one is looking.


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