In the world but not of it

December 16, 2009

Transparent management…

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Put me on trial, LORD, and cross-examine me. Test my motives
and my heart. Psalms 26:2

Years ago I worked alongside someone who taught me some
valuable management principles. The one that has really stuck out over the
years is something he called “transparent management”.

Transparent management was his way of describing an employee
who wanted to get his issues resolved and instead of going to his direct
supervisor or manager he would instead go above him to his manager’s manager
thus making his direct manager transparent in the process. We use the term
“going around” or “going above his head” to describe the same thing.

It is difficult to manage someone who believes that you are
not capable of managing them. Regardless of our efforts to communicate and be
attentive, some people believe that practicing “transparent management” is
completely acceptable.

But in looking at David’s Psalm in context, he went directly
to the top all the time. In our walk with the Lord we don’t have a transparent
management issue. We respect those that are in authority over us but we also
know that only God can meet the ultimate needs and resolve the deep issues in
our hearts. We know that God is the only one that can satisfy.

I never have a second thought about running to the Father
for help on something that maybe I could have easily run to a person for. In
fact, I have discovered (somewhat painfully) that even in the smallest concerns
which could easily be addressed by a friend or co-worker that taking them to
God first always proves to be significantly better and more valuable in the

He is the author of wisdom and when I run to Him I am
assured of an answer, of direction and correction when I need it. It is all
given with love and a Father’s heart to nurture, mature and shape me.

David could be bold in asking God to cross-examine him
because he put forth the effort to live with integrity. He made the commitment
to follow his God and even through times of failure he returned back to him
with full force.


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