In the world but not of it

December 17, 2009

It is exactly the way He said it…

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Never change God's
facts into hopes or prayers but simply accept them as realities, and you will
find them to be powerful as you believe them. H. W. Webb Peploe

When I first read this quote I was struck by its simplicity
in stating such an obvious truth. It caused me to ponder just how many of God’s
promises I do change into hopes and prayers during times of difficulty or

God never intended for His Word to be complicated. Although
it is full of hidden treasures, historical facts, scientific information and
more, the promises of God are simple and straightforward and are there for our
taking and believing.

Why do I pray that God will work out a particular situation
when He has already said “all things work together for good”(Romans
8:28). Instead I should praise Him for knowing the best path for me, knowing
that at the right time, as I remain close to Him, I will see the path to take.

Why do I ask for His grace to get through a stressful set of
circumstances when He has already said “my grace is sufficient for you”(2
Corinthians 12:9). Instead I need to believe Him and accept it as fact that He
has already given me the grace I need to live this life.

Why do I continue to commit my job, my finances, and my
relationships and more to Him each day with a heart attitude as if I’ve not
done it right the first time when He has already said “commit everything you do
to the LORD. Trust
him, and he will help you” (Psalms 37:5).

Does this mean then that I should not be praying for help or
asking for wisdom or guidance? No, that is not what meant here. The point is
somewhat more subtle…God has already told us, in several scriptures, what He
has already provided, what He will do if we in turn respond a specific way,
what the results are for a submitted life, and so on. Therefore, when we pray
we need to ensure that our heart attitude is indeed one of pure submission to
His will. We need to ask for his help, insight, wisdom, guidance, deliverance
and more but we need to do it believing that He has already provided both the
grace and the answer which will be made known in due time.

Yes, we are instructed by Jesus to ask, to seek and to knock,
however too often we ask for the same things over and over because we doubt or
don’t believe that either we asked the right way the first time or that He
wasn’t listening.

In other words, we need to check the motives of the prayers
we offer to our Lord. Our Lord has indeed stated plainly what He has “already”
given us therefore lets accept it at face value because He does not lie or
shift his opinion as man does.

Lord help me to see the small details in your Word that
speak volumes of truth. Help me to accept the promises You have clearly given
me as fact so I don’t waver when I pray and then change the promises to fit my
fears and doubts…


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