In the world but not of it

December 21, 2009

Masterfully woven together…

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For I am fearfully and wonderfully made…Psalms 139:14

In the Guinness Book of World Records you will find that
there are carpets that have over 4,000 knots per square inch. I have had the
distinct pleasure of running my hand over such a carpet and was truly amazing
by the way it felt. On that same day I sat and watched a young Turkish girl
work on a carpet there in her family’s factory.

The art of carpet making is typically passed down thru
generations. Like so many cottage industries there is more than just skill
involved. There are soft skills and certain nuances that make up the talent
that you see displayed. In other words, the character and personality of the
carpet maker is woven into the carpet itself giving each carpet its individual

Consider that one carpet with an average number of knots per
square inch (800-900) typically takes 8 months to complete. It seems
unfathomable that one person would work this long on a single carpet. A
productive carpet maker can weave approximately 3,000 knots in one day. Their
hands are silky smooth from the lanolin inherent in the threads but their
knuckles are typically swollen on top from passing the thread in and out to
form each intricate knot.

As I watched this young girl work I noticed that on the
weaving machine there were hundreds of vertical threads running across the machine
that served as the backdrop for the multi-colored threads used to form each

There are three main threads involved; the vertical thread
that serves as the backbone and then the other two threads knotted around it to
form the specific knot that supports the pattern in the making.

Isn’t it interesting that the Bible says, “a threefold cord
is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes. 4:12).

Jesus is our “vertical” thread pointing to God and our lives
are the ones woven around it. I often see this verse used in the context of
marriage to discuss how the husband and wife are the two cords and if tied
around Jesus as the third their marriage is not easily broken.

This is a great illustration but it also applies to our

We are so intricately made. God has woven our lives into a
special and meticulous fabric. But even now as we live we see Him weaving
together those patterns that make up the fabric of our being, relationships,
circumstances, trials, successes and more…

His hands are gentle but also strong. His hands never swell
or tire. His hands are always at work in our lives and just watching how these
amazing carpets are made gave me tremendous encouragement to really see that
His attention to me is so intimate, so intricate, so involved…


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