In the world but not of it

January 1, 2010

God’s library…

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All who are victorious will be clothed in white. I will never erase their names from the Book of Life, but I will announce before my Father and his angels that they are mine. Revelation 3:5

Most of you will remember the comic strip that later became a cartoon series; Peanuts, featuring the famous character Charlie Brown. I don’t know much about the author and creator, Charles M. Schulz, but he really had some profound quotes that came out of the mouth of Charlie Brown. One of my favorites was…”in the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back”.

On several occasions the Bible speaks of the Book of Life. In effect, it is God’s journal of those who have put their trust in Him and will spend eternity in heaven. Later in Revelation it also speaks of the consequences for those whose names are not written in the Book of Life (chapter 20:12, 15 / 21:27 / 22:19).

Another way the “book of life” takes shape is in the life of each person. Each person’s life represents a unique story, a set of chapters that tell a story only God knows best.

I once imagined that the Lord had a vast library that seemed endless with its grand halls and corridors.

This library had a chronological order from the first person to the last. Each shelf contained the individual books for the lives of every person whom the Lord had ever created. They were countless in number.

In each book you would find the chapters pertaining to the life of that person. Some books contained more chapters than others. Some were more intense, others filled with more sorrow or joy. Every detail about that person’s life, every decision, every path they took and experience they encountered was meticulously documented.

But somewhere in the center of the library the Lord’s Book of Life stood alone. As the Lord looked around His great library of lives He only took those books off of the shelf that pertained to the lives that had decided to follow Him and then recorded them into His Book of Life.

I could see the nail-scarred hands, one gripping the Book and the other the pen as He thoughtfully worked on entering each name. I wondered whether the Lord was sorrowful as He, at times, paused to scan the shelves and see the books of those who had started so well and then fell away.

As a loving Father, He must have agonized over some of the stories. I imagined pages and pages throughout the library stained with both His blood and tears that were shed when He looked upon the pages of those lives.

Even knowing the beginning from the end, His heart must have been filled with pain as He considered the decisions these people had made that separated them from Him.

Perhaps like we so often do when we think about something that occurred in our lives, we replay the scenario over and over in our minds on how it could have turned out different. We think about the one act or decision that might have led to a different result.

God went through with the one act (John 3:16).


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