In the world but not of it

January 2, 2010

Inter-dependence not independence…

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This makes for harmony among the members, so that all the members care for each other. 1 Corinthians 12:25

The analogy of the body and its members in how it relates to those that make up the body of Christ is perhaps one of the oldest and easily understood analogies we know.

But it also plays a vital part outside the church with those we interact with at work and in our circle of family and friends. If you look closely at the how the world markets products to us you will notice that a major theme is individuality and independence. Most products that companies want you to purchase are aimed at us personally. In their view it really is “all about me”…

This perspective successfully exists and breeds in companies all over the world and in many families as well. The idea of taking care of my own needs first is not only practiced by many but has become the rule and no longer the exception. People typically display a look of shock when someone puts them first; opening the door, letting them go ahead in line or some other act of charity and grace.

Only in recent years have books on management and leadership really emphasized the “servant” principles about putting others first and tending to their needs. These principles are, of course, timeless and foundational in God’s view and present throughout His Word.

People are starving not only to be loved but also to be respected and honored. I don’t think we realize the full impact on a person’s life when a manager, for example, or someone else they esteem in their lives takes the time to talk with them remembers something important or follows up on a issue they promised to attend to. Sending someone an a note just to tell them how much they are valued and appreciated can have an enormous positive impact on a person. That is not the reason to praise people but it shows just how hungry people are to be acknowledged.

Then there are those organizations or groups of people that really thrive together. They realize that even though one person has to be ultimately responsible for decision-making, they all have a significant contribution to make that leads to the best decisions. Equally, if one of them fails to contribute then the rest are impacted as well. We nod in agreement with these simple truths but do we realize how vital they really are in being lived out in our own lives?

It begins with us. We need to take the initiative and seek people out. We need to tell them they are appreciated. It is the life of Christ being lived out through us…


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