In the world but not of it

January 9, 2010

Remember where you came from…

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After starting your Christian lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort? Galatians 3:3

When God led the children of Israel through the Jordan River on their journey He had them set up an altar using stones. These were stones of remembrance so they would not forgot where they came from and how their Lord had taken them through.

God has been gracious to us also. We all enjoy blessings now that perhaps we did not have years ago. I find that with the Lord there are always new blessings, new opportunities. I also have discovered that He blesses me in spite of myself. It is His subtle way of reminding me who is in charge and who is ultimately the one that makes it all happen.

Too often we forget where we came from. We practice selective memory and neglect to recall the times when we were desperate, when life was harder, when things were falling apart around us or perhaps just standing still. We also get to a place in life where we somehow begin believing that we now have enough wisdom to replace God’s. We would never admit that or even suggest it but it is evident in our actions.

We pray less and do more, we read our Bibles but then rely on our impulsive personalities to deal with situations. We tell people how spiritual they need to be but we don’t seem to mind looking like the world in the things we say, do, watch, and listen too…

Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow since it has its own problems. We need to deal with today. We need to start and end each day with a spiritual inventory, ensuring we are conscious of the things God wants us to know and remember. We need to reflect on where we are and if indeed we have taken for granted the things God has done for us.

There are people in our lives who have been faithful and loyal. Have we also remained that way to them? There are greater glories God wants to work in us. Can He do it? You might say obviously he can do it, but are we prepared to receive it?

Pride has many disguises…


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