In the world but not of it

January 21, 2010

Bamboo trees…

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But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will always trust in God’s unfailing love. Psalms 52:8

What do you know about Chinese bamboo trees? Did you know that they are planted and then watered daily for nearly five years and not so much as a sprout pops out of the ground? It would seem then that the years of daily nurturing and care are done in futility.

Then sometime in the fifth year over a period of six weeks the trees will shoot up from the ground and can grow up to ninety feet! It seems almost impossible and unthinkable that this can happen.

The question is this…did the tree grow just in a matter of six weeks or did it grow over five years?

It grew over the five years. Its roots took shape and were firmly planted and at the right time it launched in the direction that is was destined for. The Psalmist says he is like an olive tree “thriving” in the house of God. In the house of God we are also nurtured and nourished. It is the washing of the Word; it is the drinking of Jesus so that we will never thirst.

Whatever it is that God has called us to do cannot be fully realized unless we are being nourished by Him and with Him. Our roots need to take shape and become firmly planted so that when the time comes for the Lord to clear the soil, that has seemed to suppress us and prevent us from growing or moving, we can launch up and into what He has prepared.

Many of us feel like we are not growing. We judge our walk with the Lord by the inactivity that surrounds us.

We are surviving but not thriving. When God is finished preparing us for the next chapter of life nothing will contain Him or prevent Him from performing His great acts of grace and mercy in us unless we are not in the house of the Lord thriving.

Now is the time to be nurtured. We need to drink of the Word daily and ask the Lord for clarity of mind, for purpose in our prayers and for direction in our daily routine. We are growing and in one moment, on a day you might not expect, the answer will come forth, the soil will clear away and you will know it is time to move…


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