In the world but not of it

January 25, 2010

Taking pleasure…

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That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10

This is a striking verse. It defies all human reasoning. It completely contradicts everything that the world tells us about handling stress, pressure, conflict and trouble.

To those that deny God and His Son it is an insult to their intelligence and beliefs. Consider what Paul is really saying here and you will see that the majority of the people in your life would not even consider this reasonable.

But it is precisely for this reason that it is so powerful.

God knows the very things that are needed to mold us and shape us. He knows that those situations we hate and struggle with are exactly the ones that drive us to Him. He sees the fruit that gets produced from the strains placed upon us.

Paul is not talking about some pie-in-the-sky attitude of pleasure here. We normally think of pleasure as an emotion or feeling that we get from a situation but the word pleasure here is actually a word that means to deliberately look at a situation with the intention of finding good in it.  It is used in the active tense meaning that we are to continuously look for the good in our lives.

It is an action that is intended to focus our attention rather than a passive emotion or high we get from a situation. God wants us to be proactive in how we live but also in how we look at our lives. Finding the good in the hardest areas of our lives is not an easy task and God does not say it is, but finding it does bring us into perspective and focus and ultimately into view of His purposes.

We can take pleasure (look for the good) in these difficult situations because we know they are intended for a purpose and they are not random. Our God is deliberate and decisive about the things in our life and knowing this encourages to look at our lives with the right perspective.

Do you see the difference? Pleasure in the world has such a different connotation. God’s not motivated to make me happy; His intent is to make me more like Him, which will produce joy regardless of my understanding and the happenings along the way…

Why is it that we would never even think of instructing a doctor on how to do his job when he is performing tests on us but we are ready to instruct God on how to manage our lives?


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