In the world but not of it

January 28, 2010

What wilt Thou have me to do?

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Oh, for a vision and a voke to lead me, to show me plainly where my work should lie. Go where I may, fresh hindrances impede me. Vain and unanswered seems my earnest cry.

Hush! Unbelieving one, but for thy blindness, but for thine own impatience and self-will; Thou wouldst see thy Master’s loving-kindness, Who by those hindrances is leading still.

He who of old through Phrygia and Galatia, led the apostle Paul and blessed him there, if He forbid to preach the Word in Asia, must have prepared for thee a work elsewhere.

Courage & Patience! Is the Master sleeping? Has He no plan, no purpose of love? What though awhile His counsel He is keeping, it is maturing in the world above.

Wait on the Lord, in His right hand be hidden, and go not forth uncalled to strive alone; shun like a sin the tempting work forbidden; God’s love for souls be sure exceeds thine own.

None are good works for thee, but works appointed; ask to be filled with the knowledge of His will. Cost what it may, why live a life disjointed? One work throughout, God’s pleasure to fulfill.

But if indeed some special work awaits thee, Canst thou afford this waiting – time to lose? By each successive task God educates thee; what if the iron be too blunt to use?

Oh, thou unpolished shaft, why leave the quiver? Oh, thou blunt ax, what forest canst thou hew? Unsharpened sword, canst thou the oppressed deliver? Go back to thine own maker’s forge anew.

Submit thyself to God for preparation, seek not to teach thy Master & thy Lord; call it not zeal; it is a base temptation; satan is pleased when man dictates to God.

Down with thy pride! With holy vengeance trample on each self-flattering fancy that appears. Did not the Lord Himself for our example, lie hid in Nazareth for thirty years?

Wait the appointed time for work appointed, lest by the tempter’s wiles thou be ensnared. Fresh be the oil wherewith thou art anointed. Let God prepare thee for the work prepared.

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