In the world but not of it

February 11, 2010


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We rely (rejoice) on what Christ Jesus has done for us. We put no confidence in human effort (flesh)…Philippians 3:3

Confidence, as the world knows it, is such a false security. The word for confidence in this text means to persuade another thru effort or action. Isn’t this precisely how the world operates to win our confidence?

Companies that market to us, people that try to impress us, efforts we undergo to impress others…all are based on actions, efforts, perspiration to persuade others that it is worth the investment, the time, the energy.

We are to put no confidence in the flesh or human effort. We are not to be persuaded by degrees, money, power, promotion, and prosperity whether it is ours or someone else’s.

How much confidence do you have in America’s financial situation after the last year? How many people do you know that were insured by some of the companies in crisis or their investments were with the financial institutions that have now crumbled? I know quite a few and I can tell you their confidence is waning heavily.

Now is actually a great time for many people to see that confidence in man’s achievements and promises are futile. This generation will never again view America’s strength or the world’s economic state as immovable.

There is only one type of confidence that lasts…Christ-confidence. The Lord is not moved by world events, He is THE event.

As difficult as the current times are we should be thankful that the Lord gives us the grace to get through them and learn these profound truths about where, or rather in whom, we should have confidence.

I have complete confidence in the finished work of Christ, in the truths of God’s Word. I am completely persuaded not with perspiration but with inspiration.


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