In the world but not of it

February 17, 2010

Too comfortable…

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So now the Lord said to him…1 Kings 11:11

Here we see God speaking to Solomon a 3rd time which is quite amazing since not only did He speak to him again, having never even spoken to his father David in this manner, but Solomon at this point is in the worst state of his life. He has completely done everything God told him not to do.

Solomon got too comfortable. This is a man who had a dialogue with God, who had the legacy of his father and who ruled a glorious kingdom. He had it all and yet confused his prosperity with God’s priorities for his life.

Solomon started so well and ended so poorly. We should take note of that fact and keep it somewhere at the forefront of our minds when we start to believe we are doing okay spiritually. We must maintain a healthy fear and reverence realizing that we are not immune to the same results if we get too comfortable in the world or in our own spirituality.

I see how the Lord, in His love for Solomon, raised up Hadad and Rezan to persecute him. Even in speaking to him a third time we see the grace of God always ready to reach us wherever we are in order that we may turn and get back on the narrow path.

Solomon’s life is an example in the annuls of history for every successful leader that would emerge as it relates the dangers associated with prosperity, power and position. God gave us the blueprint and the counsel on what “not to do” thru Solomon’s life. Yet these risks and dangers exist for leaders in ministries as well as those in multi-national corporations.

We can all find ourselves in similar danger regardless of the size or shape of the kingdom we rule.

Lord I see the dangers all around. There are so many temptations and distractions to get our attention off of you and those we are called to lead and protect.

Leadership starts with submission, stewardship and a servant’s heart to you Father…


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