In the world but not of it

February 26, 2010


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Putting confidence in an unreliable person in times of trouble is like chewing with a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot. Psalms 25:19

A few years ago I was out of work and learned several lessons in that season of life about the reliability of man vs. trusting in the Lord.

One particular memory is when I contacted someone I had worked very closely with for the previous four years who had moved on to another successful company that was growing well and needed people.

I spoke with him on several occasions, interviewed with his boss and even his boss’ boss and agreed on a role that would be a good fit for me and for them. We essentially discussed every detail and agreed to talk a couple of days later to finalize discussions and set a time to meet so I could accept the job.

Well, the “couple of days” passed as did the “couple of weeks” and no phone call came. We had been waiting on the Lord and we were excited that this was an answer so I could get back to work but no answer came.

Finally I called this person and after several attempts got them on the phone. When they answered I said “hi, it’s me and I have not heard from you so I am calling to follow up”…to my surprise he replied with “who is this”?

He proceeded to act like he never knew me. This was so awkward that immediately, by the grace of God, I just knew that the Lord had to be closing a door here. It was just too weird by the world’s standards for this to be anything but divine intervention. It was as if he had complete amnesia.

As I said, by the grace of God and Him alone, I got off of the phone with a smile thinking “Lord, only you are reliable, only you are worthy of confidence and trust, only you never change”.

People are fickle but the Lord is faithful.


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