In the world but not of it

March 10, 2010

The Light is illuminated…

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And this is the message I proclaim—that the day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone’s secret life. Romans 2:16

London taxis are one of the most unique vehicles on earth. They are specially designed for the purpose of transporting passengers and enduring years of grueling streets and climates. Their turning radius is so tight that they can make sharp turns a normal car would miss by several feet. Inside they are designed to carry up to five passengers with relative comfort and provide conveniences for their trip.

But there is also one, not so obvious, feature that only in recent years was made more visible to passengers. This feature is a built-in speaker and microphone system that allows the driver to communicate with the passengers behind the fiberglass divider over the speaker system but also allows the driver to listen to the conversations that passengers have.

You can imagine that this was viewed as a minor invasion of privacy so the London taxis had to install a small sign now in the passenger area with a red light that is illuminated when the system is turned on, alerting passengers that their voices “may be heard” by the driver.

What is the effect of this light when illuminated? Well, I can tell you that it suddenly causes you to be very careful what you talk about. God’s word so often serves as a loving warning to us about the things we do in private and in this passage we are reminded that our secret life is really no secret at all to God.

For the Christian the red light is always illuminated.

There is a never a time when the Lord shuts it off so that we can go about having a private conversation or engaging in something that He would not see or be aware of.

Scriptures like these are necessary reminders of how we must live. They produce a healthy accountability in us and operate as a mechanism to continue to shape us into His image.

The Light is always illuminated…


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