In the world but not of it

April 1, 2010

Getting to your destination…

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It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in people. Psalms 118:8

Do you trust God to get you to your destination?

Each time I board a plane I look forward to getting settled and using the time away from cell phones and email to relax, catch up on some reading and stare outside to take in the beauty of the sky at that altitude.

I’ve never given it much thought before but one of the main reasons I can relax is because I trust the pilot to fly the airplane and get me to my destination.

Each day commuters trust the train, their car and the planes they board to get them to their destination safely.

Why is it then that we struggle trusting the Lord to get us through our trials and difficulties? If a mere man can fly an aircraft around the world safely is God then somehow limited in His ability to get us to the next chapter of our life?

It sounds ludicrous that we would question God in this way, doesn’t it?

The truth is we place more trust in the things we see for that very reason, because we see them. We see the plane, we intuitively know they fly safely, we board the trains and start our cars without hesitation because we can see and touch them and therefore put some sense of security in the fact that they will do what they are supposed to.

We don’t often see God working. We pray and wait, pray and wait, sometimes without any external evidence that He is listening or working in our lives and then the stress starts. Yet, when you look back over life you can see the hand of God working. You can see where and how He helped and know that He was there all along.

Let’s remember Who is holding up the plane…


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