In the world but not of it

April 2, 2010

Keep rolling…

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Commit your way to the LORD. Psalms 37:5

What does it mean to commit our way to the Lord? The Hebrew word for commit means to roll. It presents the image of someone rolling a stone. We see this same concept in the New Testament when Peter wrote “cast all your cares upon the Lord” (1 Peter 5:7). In this passage the word cast also means to roll but it presents the image of a pendulum, meaning what you roll in one direction comes rolling back to you.

When we “roll” our cares, concerns, trials and thoughts to God we must continue to bring them to Him in prayer. We don’t do this because He plays hard to get and doesn’t answer. No, we do this because often times the very things we commit, cast, roll onto Him are not thought through on our part and by going to Him continuously on the matter we often discover our own motivation and therefore we gain understanding that we did not have initially. This helps us grow in our faith, our knowledge of Him and in our Christian walk.

Please do not confuse going to God continuously with a lack of faith. It is true that we can place something in the Father’s hands and trust that He will help and answer but you and I know that the things that we commit remain on our hearts and minds and we find ourselves praying about them often.

We need to talk with our Father and tell him the details, explain the hurts, speak out loud to Him and be completely honest about our situations. He has infinite wisdom and loves us deeply. Regardless of what the matter is, His ways in resolving it are endless but more importantly point to His kingdom.

The measure to which we will commit our ways to Him is directly related to the measure of how much we are willing to allow Him to address the matter in His way not ours…


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