In the world but not of it

April 5, 2010

Save me from myself…

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Keep me from lying to myself; give me the privilege of knowing your instructions. Psalms 119:29

Sometimes when we read the Word we skip over certain verses or just read through and don’t really stop to consider the profound truths they display. This is one of those verses. When you read this and stop to think about the point it is making you soon come to realize that it is precise in describing the condition of a person who does not spend time in the Word.

God’s Word is much more than knowledge and wisdom. We often refer to it as the “Living Word” and we do so because anyone that has spent time in it getting to know Him and His instructions knows that it challenges us deeply, it convicts us of the areas in our lives that need change and it encourages us to go on and to experience His love.

But the contrast here is striking. When I don’t spend time in the Word the result is that I do end up lying to myself. The Psalmist understood this principle. The only standard worth living by is God’s standard and when we don’t, we put ourselves at risk. We tell ourselves things that are not true, things we want to hear. We rationalize and justify our actions.

We are so deceived at times we even convince ourselves that God told us to do it. Later in this same Psalm we are reminded that the Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. It brings the necessary illumination so we can see properly, spiritually speaking…

The Word exposes all the flaws in our life and the Holy Spirit, through His power in us, helps us to then prioritize and make the necessary changes in order to live our lives in the light.

Lord, help me to realize that apart from you and the time spent in your word I simply cannot know how to live a victorious Christian life. Help me to understand this simple principle that it is in my nature to scheme, lie and deceive even myself in order to get my way. Father, by your grace, please strengthen me to cultivate that daily relationship with you and to know and to hear and to see the things you want me to do… Lord, save me from myself…


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