In the world but not of it

April 7, 2010

True worth…

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Give me an eagerness for your laws rather than a love for money! Psalms 119:36

Do you remember when Solomon became King of Israel and God asked him to request anything he wanted? You recall that he asked for wisdom instead of riches. God gave him his request and in turn the wisdom he was given resulted in great riches.

At that point in Solomon’s life he had the right understanding of life’s priorities. Despite some of the failings in his father’s life that he no doubt witnessed, I suspect that he also witnessed a man after God’s own heart that knew how to worship the Lord, receive His correction and move on in life. I believe Solomon saw the example in his father and knew that to know God and His Word was far greater a prize than anything the world could offer him.

When people tell me the Bible is not relevant to today I know that they have never read it because the stories and related principles in the Bible are timeless. Maybe we don’t barter for silver or gold today in our own lives but we strive for stocks, we save for gadgets, we look to build our homes and fortunes.

Please don’t misunderstand; there is nothing at all wrong with material gain or wealth. The idea that to be a Christian is somehow associated with poverty is a man-made theory based on ignorance and pride quite frankly.

Some of God’s greatest servants are blessed with wealth that they have used to further God’s kingdom here on earth in ways we could only imagine.

I guess that is the point of this discussion. It is the use of the material blessings we have rather than the desire to attain them that matters. Like Solomon, we need God’s wisdom to know how to use what He has given us and to ensure that our possessions never possess us.

When you read about men like George Mueller who, for twenty six years, never received a paycheck but trusted God to provide for his daily needs and the needs of the thousands of orphans he was responsible for, you begin to get thankful for the abundance you have. Oh Lord, help us to simply be content with what we have…


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