In the world but not of it

April 15, 2010


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Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. Ephesians 1:4

Versailles is known as the palace of the former kings of France, namely Louis XIV. If you tour the palace today your attention will be drawn to the frescos painted on the walls and ceilings. Along with the opulent building itself, the artwork is as much a part of its history and splendor.

What will amaze you is the large room dedicated to Hercules, the Greek mythological character. There is a fresco of him and related scenes painted on the ceiling.

This particular fresco was painted by Francois LeMoyne (sometimes spelled Les Moins). He was asked by Louis XV himself to paint it. Francois was not only an established painter of his time, but a professor and recipient of some of the most prestigious art awards. What is shocking about this story is that when the painting was presented to Louis XV he was actually disappointed with it, commenting that is was not quite what he had expected. Francois had recently lost his wife and the king’s disappointment simply put him over the edge. He committed suicide shortly thereafter.

Francois, like so many, identify themselves with the approval and acceptance of others. They live and die by the opinions of those in places above them. Some of us used to be like that and perhaps still are. But as you read God’s Word you begin to see that your identity is actually in Christ and not in anything else.

He died for us. We are precious to Him and we don’t need to vie for His approval. He simply wants a response to the love He has already shown. He never tells you He is disappointed by you and your efforts. We don’t scold our young children for failing to succeed at something they have put an effort towards. We love them thru it and encourage them. How much more will He…


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