In the world but not of it

April 29, 2010

Safe passage…

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He led Israel safely through…Psalms 136:14

To be more precise another Psalms tells us “He commanded the Red Sea to dry up. He led Israel across the sea as if it were a desert” (Psalms 106:9).

This passage has always fascinated me not so much because the Lord parted the Red Sea, which in itself is a miracle but more the fact that He dried it up, that is was like a desert.

It is not enough that He parted the sea so the children of Israel could pass safely through but He ensured that their footing was firm, that the ground was dry to sustain them and get through without threat of sinking in mud and dirt, without incident about “how” they would walk across.

This is how our Lord operates in the lives of His children. When you cry out for help, when you are waiting upon Him for an answer, for direction or for rescue from a particular situation, He leads you safely through. It may not be a physical parting of any kind; it may be a spiritual revival. In either case He not only makes a way but He also prepares the path to ensure that we can get to the other side.

Isn’t this true in your own life when you look back on the times that you called out to Him or had waited for an answer? Can’t you now look back and see just how meticulous our Lord was in helping you find the way out? Can any of us who have walked with Him for even a short while honestly say He has not come through each time and done so with such care and concern?

This is the Lord I love. He has provided for every area of our lives. He has saved us from eternal separation. He meets all our emotional needs. He satisfies all the cravings. He answers all the prayers. He always leads us safely through the trials and circumstances of our lives that seem overwhelming, confusing, isolated and impossible…He is our God…


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