In the world but not of it

May 20, 2010

It looks great from the outside…

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The whole area was well watered everywhere, like the garden of the LORD or the beautiful land of Egypt. (This was before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.) Genesis 13:10

I remember buying my first car. It was a 1981 6.6 liter Pontiac Trans-Am. It was black with gold trim and had the ever-famous T-Tops. I was barely twenty-one and this was my first major purchase. The car was stunningly clean and well kept. I remember the day I went to the car lot to select a vehicle. There was nothing that even compared to this beauty. It was a pure emotional decision.

I am sure Lot felt the same way. Here was Abram (not yet referred to as Abraham) who had the right to choose first but being the man of faith that he was he allowed his nephew the first choice of where to live. Like many of us when we look to buy something or invest we typically allow the outward appearance to get the better of us. We rush into decisions without praying, investigating, researching and considering all the risks. We confuse emotion with intellect and wisdom.

We make decisions and then ask God to bless them. Let us also point out that sometimes the Lord does lead us in a direction where we discover things to be difficult or contrary to what we expected but here we are pointing out the obvious…our eyes tend to be bigger than our brains and more importantly, the wisdom God has for us.

Well, I bought my car during the start of winter and shortly after I took it home we had our first real snow fall that season. I was on my way to work that same evening as the snow fell and on my way the entire transmission fell out from under the car which caused the car to swerve and tip on its side. I was not hurt (physically anyway) but learned the lesson that what you see is not always what you get.

Lot also learned this lesson quickly. Not too long after moving to Sodom he found himself in the midst of a war and was taken hostage. (Genesis 14:12). The only problem is that he did not learn the lesson and continued making decisions apart from God.

Our desires must be in line with God’s…


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