In the world but not of it

May 22, 2010

The number of grace…

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What’s more, I am changing your name. It will no longer be Abram. Instead, you will be called Abraham… Genesis 17:4

Through the study of God’s word you come to realize that numbers are significant. They play a pivotal role in helping us see some of God’s intended messages, in demonstrating some of His attributes and in general showing us how everything in life is interwoven.

One of those important numbers is the number five. The number five represents grace in scripture.

We see how Israel came out of Egypt (Exodus 13:18), which as a nation was ranked fifth at the time. We see how David, in defeating Goliath, chose five smooth stones (1 Samuel 17:40). We see that the holy anointing oil mentioned in Exodus 30:23-25 was pure and composed of five parts.

And here in Abram’s life we see it again. God is about to form a covenant with Abram. The underlying foundation of this covenant is predicated upon grace. He tells Abram two dozen times that it is He that will uphold the covenant and keep His word to do so. This is a demonstration of God’s grace.

He then seals this covenant by changing Abram’s name to Abraham. To do this God added the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet to the end of Abram’s name. This would serve as an everlasting reminder to Abram and to us that it is all by His grace.

We’ve done nothing to earn it, we certainly don’t deserve it and only He can give it…


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