In the world but not of it

June 16, 2010

Trust me for today…

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“Do not keep any of it until morning.” Exodus 16:19

Here we see the Lord beginning to instruct the children of Israel on the concept of enough and more importantly the teaching of dependence and trust upon Him. In effect, this was a straightforward teaching; God provided this miraculous food from heaven and had the people take only what they needed for that day’s provision.

God allowed them to take two day’s worth once a week to cover the food needed for the Sabbath day. It seemed so simple yet it brought out the sin nature that is within all of us, the desire to hoard things up for ourselves…more, more and more…

My wife cringes when I offer to go grocery shopping. Instead of picking up what is on the list, I make my way through the aisles and tend to pick up a thing or two of what we typically don’t get. I also seem to come out of the store with more of the same item as backup. The idea of buying “just enough” seems foreign to us, and often to me. It is a subtle lesson I’ve had to learn

When Jesus responded to the disciples request to teach them to pray you remember that He specifically said “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11). Is it because He does not want us to have leftovers for tomorrow? No, the teaching is not about leftovers, the teaching is for us to remember that God gives each of us “today” – I can only really deal with the here and now and for this reason I can pray for God’s provision for today.

He may choose to provide some things for tomorrow, some to last longer but the principle here is that our hearts need to settle on His provision for today. When some of the children of Israel decided to hoard more manna they woke the next morning to find it full of maggots. It was God’s way of saying trust me for today, don’t operate in the flesh, and don’t think you have to scheme and plan to get ahead…

Trust me for today…


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