In the world but not of it

June 19, 2010

Little by little…

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Little by little I will drive them out from before you…Exodus 23:30

It has been two months since the children of Israel left Egypt. They are now at Sinai and the Lord begins to give them specific instructions about community, property, and personal and social responsibility.

He then speaks to them about His protection and presence in their lives, telling them that an Angel will lead them and guide them along the way. In explaining these truths to them the Lord also explains the boundaries He will set for them, the way he will navigate them through the coming obstacles and enemies they will encounter and then He gives them (and us) this profound statement…”little by little”

It is a phrase we don’t really like because we want instant answers and fulfillment to our issues and prayers. We like lots and lots better than little by little.

Little by little seems too vague and drawn out for us and it is precisely this thinking that causes us the unnecessary anxiety we build up in ourselves. Yet, it is exactly the right way that the Lord needs to work in our lives. He promised to drive out their enemies from the land but then the wild beasts would remain and in order to protect them and allow them to gradually increase in strength He tells them He will do this little by little.

That is the key to our understanding also. God hears our prayers, He has a specific calling for each of us and many of us yearn for that fulfillment now but like the children of Israel, whether we accept it or not, we could not receive it all at once. There are too many events that need to transpire, too many conversations, thoughts, interactions and so on…so many things that need to occur before the Lord sends even one portion of that answer to us.

Father, as I sit impatiently crying out today, even complaining, that you have not answered or that the answers are not complete, help me to be grateful that in your wisdom you are leading me “little by little” because you know what I can endure and you see what is up ahead…


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